Gynecology Department

North DMC (Delhi Municipal Corporation) Medical College is one of the total three Medical Colleges being run in India by the Municipal Corporations.

Department of Anaesthesiology :

• Associate Professor       Dr Anisha Prasad
• Assistant Professor        Dr Yangshen Lhamo

The Department of Pharmacology at North Delhi Municipal Corporation Medical College was established in April 2013. It is located in the Ward Block, II Floor above the medicine ward. It has museum, two demonstration rooms, clinical pharmacology & pharmacy laboratory, experimental pharmacology laboratory, departmental library cum seminar room, faculty rooms, resident room and staff room for the lab assistant and attendants. In addition there is an ante-room for the preparation of the reagents used in pharmacy and pharmacology. The department caters to the requirements for teaching of 50 undergraduate MBBS students. The major activities are presently focused on teaching undergraduate students and efforts are being made to initiate research activities.

The students have been undertaking computer assisted learning classes during the practical pharmacology sessions which have been recently introduced in the teaching curriculum of pharmacology.

Dr Anisha Prasad, Associate Professor, MBBS, MD (Pharmacology)

Dr. Anisha completed her MBBS in 2003 from Nepal Medical College, and postgraduation (MD Pharmacology) from B.P.Koirala, Dharan, Nepal in August 2010. She worked as Assistant Professor at North DMC Medical College, for 4 years. Presently working as Associate Prof since 2017 in North DMC MC. The area of her interest is diabetes. She has also done some research on sleep and effects of various drugs on sleep deprivation. She is also an associate editor and member of the editorial board for various pharmacology and pharmacy journals.

Dr Yangshen Lhamo, Assistant Professor, MBBS, MD (Pharmacology)
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